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EasyScape Fire Escape Ladder

Fire Rescue Ladders

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This ladder is rolled up with a plastic sheet separating the layers. This allows tangle free, rapid deployment. In an emergency, the ladder is simply clipped into eyebolts that are installed permanently underneath the window. With the option to purchase additional bolt fitting sets, the ladder can be used in optional locations depending upon the most suitable evacuation location. The bolt sets included with the EasyScape ladder are suitable for masonry but we do also offer timber bolt sets suitable for fixing the EasyScape ladder into wood.

  • Available in two lengths:
    • 4.5m (15ft) - suitable for two storey buildings £122.00 All inclusive
    • 7.6m (25ft) - suitable for three storey buildings £145.00 all inclusive
  • 100% tangle-free design for easy escape
  • Unique "eyebolt" and "carabiner" fitting means the ladder can be used for any wall thickness and almost all window types
  • Optional timber bolt sets available (suitable for loft installations etc.)

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  • Small storage size - The EasyScape has no large hooks so requires limited storage space
  • Fire retardant backing sheet
  • Distance pieces on every 3rd rung ensure a safe foothold for the full length of the ladder
  • Rung width 29.2cm (11.5inch)
  • Maximum carrying weight: 350kg (771lb)
  • Maximum of one person to use the ladder at a time
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Fire escapes in the home should not mean installation of fixed, bulky ladders that detract from the appearance of your home, and now it doesn't.  The EasyScape is a roll-away ladder that is not only easy to deploy but also, due to its design, tangle-free.

    The EasyScape fire escape ladder can also be rolled up after use, ready for the next time it needs to be deployed.  By having the ladder stored separately to the fixing bolts in the wall, the ladder does not take up room space or look as unattractive as a fixed installation.

    Fixing and Deploying the EasyScape Ladder


    1. Fixing the Eye Bolts 
    Fix the eye bolts underneath the chosen window sill in accordance with the installation instructions. Eye bolts may be fixed underneath several windows to allow the EasyScape to be used in multiple locations.

    2. Attaching the EasyScape Ladder 
    Clip the relevant carabiner onto its corresponding eye bolt, each carabiner has a label attached to show which eye bolt it should be connected to.

    3. Preparing for Deployment 
    Open the window and lift the EasyScape ladder onto the window sill, the ladder is now in position ready for deployment.

    4. Deploying the Ladder 
    Pull the rope out of the toggle to free the ladder and then gently push the EasyScape out of the window, the ladder will now deploy by itself.

    5. Begin the Descent 
    Check that the ladder has fully deployed and that the backing sheet does no obstruct the rungs, begin to climb down the ladder one person at a time.

    6. PLEASE NOTE: 
    Ensure you refer to the user manual and installation guide before fitting and using the ladder, if you are unsure about the structural soundness of your wall please consult a builder before fitting


  • Maximum one person to use at a time
  • Maximum carrying weight 350kg ( 771lb )
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Available in 2 lengths: 4.5m ( 15ft ) & 7.6m ( 25ft )
  • 100% Tangle Free Rapid Deployment
  • Rung Width 29.2cm (11.5
  • Fire Retardent backing sheet
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