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Fakro LWF Fire Resistant Wooden Loft Ladder

Fire Resistant Ladders

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The LWF Series of Fakro Wooden Loft Ladders acts as a blaze block in the event of a fire inside your home. Thanks to its fire resistant properties the LWF Fire Resistant Wooden Loft Ladders are perfect for installations where a fire resistant ladder is required. The Loft Ladder has an expanding seal which under the influence of high temperatures increases its volume and prevents smoke from entering the fire free storey. The Ladder also comes with a special unloading mechanism which eleminates the need for a lock.

Please Note - Check with your local building inspector prior to purchase to ensure it meets with his stipulations.


The Fakro LWF Fire Resistant Loft Ladders are suitable for room heights up to 280cm High and available in the following sizes. Please use the radial buttons above to choose your required size.

  • 60cm (W) x 120cm(L)
  • 70cm (W) x 120cm(L)
  • 70cm (W) x 130cm(L)
  • 70cm (W) x 140cm(L)

Please Note - These Sizes are the ceiling opening dimensions required for each size of Loft Ladder. Please download brochure below for full sizing specifications.


  • Manufactured In Pine
  • Satisfies EN 14975 & EN 1363-1 Requirements
  • Insulated White Hatch
  • Maximum Loading of 160kg
  • Fire Resistance of 30 minutes
  • Expanding Seal Around Hatch Prevents Smoke Ingress Into Loft
  • Insulation Thickness of 3cm
  • Heat Transmission Coefficient U= 0.9 W/m2K
  • Hatch Thickness of 4.2cm
  • Stile End Caps
  • Handrail
  • Treads protrude from stringers
  • Fully Assembled
  • 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty
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  • Fully Assembled
  • Insulation thickness of 3cm
  • Expanding Seal around Hatch prevents smoke Ingress into Loft
  • Complies to both EN14975 & EN 1363-1 standards.
  • Insulated White Hatch.
  • Maximum Loading 160kg
  • Manufactured in Pine
  • Fire Resistance of 30 Minutes.
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