Made to Measure Loft Access Hatch

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Made to Measure Loft Access Hatch

Can't find a loft hatch that fits your loft opening? The Made to Measure Loft Access Hatch is the perfect solution if you require a specific size of loft hatch.

These Loft hatches comply with all the updated energy conservation and air leakage requirements of Building Approved Documents L,B and C. They fit flush with the surface of your ceiling and are probably the most inconspicuous loft hatch available.It comes supplied with instructions and diagrams to ensure the fire rated panels are fitted correctly.

The 'Silk System' disguises the keyhole of the panel making it almost invisible. Usually the main cause of the eye being drawn to an access panel is the missing cap or gaping keyhole. With the 'Silk System' you will never have a missing cap and your panel will blend imperceptibly into its surroundings. This hatch is made from mild steel which is power coated so can be painted easily!

All we need is the opening size to get your quote prepared for you!

- 90 mm deep.
- Picture frame.
- Spring loaded invisible keyhole lock.
- Will fit between standard 600mm joist centres.
- Air tightness 0.62 m³ per hour at 2 Pascal.
- Fire Rated in trussed ceiling situations to One Hour. 
- Insulated with 100mm of Rockwool insulation with 0.35 U-value.
- Hinges can be fitted on either short and long edge.
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