Timber Sliding Vertical Carriage Ladder

Mezzanine Ladders

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The Timber VCL is ideally suited where a sturdy means of access is required to areas only accessible through a vertical door, upward opening ceiling hatch or onto a platform / mezzanine floor.

  • Unit can be used with existing Vertical loft hatches (See Chart below for minimum opening dimensions).
  • Or for access to a mezzanine floor application.
  • The Timber VCL is designed to suit a maximum floor to floor height of 2960mm.
  • Supplied with a 2 section quality pine ladder.
  • Special tracked carriage board mounted on nylon rollers enables the unit (ladder in stored position) to roll quietly clear of the floor's edge.
  • Uses a spring counterbalanced system allowing for a smooth and safe deployment of the ladder.
  • Ladder width: 360mm.
  • Tread width: 320mm.
  • Tread depth: 50mm.
  • Optional Metal Handrails available (1800mm in length).
  • Complete with operating pole and fittings.

N.B. The Timber VCL does not come supplied with a Vertical trapdoor / hatch.


Timber VCL Information
Maximum Floor to FloorRecommended Minimum OpeningMinimum Clearance ArcMinimum Storage Length
2960mm 900mm x 630mm 1130mm 2100mm
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